Relative Clauses

Gap-fill exercise

Put in the missing relative pronouns where they are necessary.
Sometimes two pronouns are possible: that/who - that/which - that/who/xxx - that/which/xxx - whose
[xxx = contact clause is possible]

Tom's going to the disco with the girl used to go out with Tony.
I know the girl dog got run over in that accident last night.
Where's the computer magazine was lying on this chair?
Is there anything else you want to tell me about what happened?
Look, that's the man I told you about.
I don't like people always take and never give.
Don't forget the present you bought for Sheila.
A barometer is something you measure (messen) air pressure with, isn't it?
There's another thing I want to discuss with you.
Alexander Fleming, the man discovered penicillin, came from Scotland.

Translate the German words and clauses in brackets into English. DON’T use “that”!

Shall I tell you about the student (den ich gestern beim Konzert kennen gelernt habe) ... ?
Shall I tell you about the student ?

Is that the boy (dessen Bruder gestern im Fernsehen war) ... ?
Is that the boy ?

That's the girl (neben dem ich sitze) ... in school.
That's the girl .

Where are the comics (die ich heute Morgen gekauft habe) ... ?
Where are the comics ?

Someone's taken the magazines (die gestern auf dern Tisch waren) ...
Someone's taken the magazines .

(Das Mädchen, mit dem ich in die Disco ging,) ... comes from Australia.
The girl comes from Australia.

The boy (der gestern viermal anrief) ... is my new boyfriend.
The boy is my new boyfriend.