Indirect Speech

Gap-fill exercise


Can you report what they say/said? Change the sentences into indirect speech.

Sean: 'I go to karate classes.'
- Sean says that .

Trish: 'Do you like Mexican food, Pat?'
- Trish asked Pat .

Lynn: 'Go and fetch help, Jane!'
- Lynn told Jane .

Abdul: 'I think the school team may win the match.'
- Abdul thought (that) .

Tim: 'Can I copy your French homework, Selima?
- Tim asked Selima .

Teacher: 'Don't make so much noise, Peter!'
- The teacher told Peter .

Jill: 'I didn't do the French homework myself.'
- Jill admitted .

Sarah: 'When is Beth's party?'
- Sarah wanted to know .

Sheila: 'I'll phone you from Glasgow, Val(erie).'
- Sheila told Val .

Janice: 'I haven't been to town for over a month.'
- Janice mentioned .

Layla to Chris: 'Will you help me with the Maths homework?'
- Layla asked Chris .