Basic Test 3 - Preparation

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1) Change or shorten the underlined sentence parts without changing the meaning and use participle constructions!

Marie broke her right leg when she was skiing in Switzerland.
Jerry walked through the supermarket and chatted on his mobile.
When we heard the news that our team won, we all cheered.

2) Report what they say/said by changing the sentences into reported speech!

Sean: “I go to karate classes”.
- Sean says .

Trish: “Do you like Mexican food?”
- Trish asked Pat .

Lynn: “Go and fetch help, Jane!”
- Lynn told Jane .

3) What did they say in direct speech?

Jason said that he might go to Brighton for the weekend.
Jason: “.”
His girlfriend asked him if she could go with him.
Girlfriend: “?”
He answered that he was going on his motorbike.
Jason: “.”

4) Chat before school present perfect, simple past
Some Year 11 pupils are chatting before school. Complete the mini-dialogues with the present perfect or the simple past.

Al: Where's your sister? She (not - be) to school for over a week.
Tim: Oh, she (go) to the States for a year. Last year she (apply) to do a high school year in the USA and she (get) a place in Boston.
Al: (she -write) a letter home yet?
Tim: No, she (not - have) much time. She only (leave) last week. But she
(phone) home as soon as she (arrive) there, so we know she's all right.

5) Phrasal verbs

Ich mache mir Sorgen um dich.
- .

Sie ist anders als du.
- .

Er träumt von einem neuen Auto.
- .