Preparation for Basics Test no. 4

Gap-fill exercise


Which modal auxiliary is correct?
Only type in the correct word(s)!

1. Julie (had to/must) do her homework again yesterday because it was so untidy.

2. We (shouldn't/weren't allowed to) take photos in the palace, so we got some postcards.

Spot the mistakes and correct them!

1. I was late for school this morning. I missed the bus, so I must walk.
I was late for school this morning. .

2. I've got a high temperature, so I needn't go out today.
I've got a high temperature, .

Translate the German clauses in brackets into English.

(Wir mussten nicht lange warten) because there wasn't a queue.

(Ich durfte nicht ausgehen) because I hadn't finished my homework.

(Es könnte später regnen) so put your anorak on.

Present perfect, simple past - in questions

You meet a group of British teenagers who are hitchhiking through Germany. You start a conversation with them, but they don't speak much German. How do you ask them the following questions in English?

1. Seid ihr auch in (to) anderen Ländern gewesen?

2. Seid ihr schon in Berlin gewesen?

3. Wann seid ihr dort gewesen?

The following sentences are active, but they can also be expressed in the passive. Where do you need "by" and where not? Think carefully.

1. You must leave your bags outside.

2. The Japanese design a lot of new computer games.

3. Annabel's parents gave her a computer.

4. An Englishwoman wrote the Harry Potter books.