A tour through Colonial Williamsburg

Gap-fill exercise

Use the correct tense: simple present, present perfect, simple past, past progressive, past perfect, will-future.
When they (arrive) in Williamsburg, Bill said, "OK, girls. (have) a great time. I (come) and pick you up at six."
Every year about four million people (visit) Colonial Williamsburg.
The girls' first stop (be) at a Williamsburg shoemaker's. A young shoemaker (work) on a red pair of shoes.
Then they (go) into a colonial store, but they (not/buy) anything there.
At the candle shop you (can/make) candles. Kimberley said, "Let's go inside. I (never/make) candles before."
When they (arrive) at the James Anderson Blacksmith Shop, it (already/close).
And the girls (miss) the Colonial Wedding that (take) place here once a day.