Abraham Lincoln

Gap-fill exercise
Put in the correct tenses!

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

When Americans (think) of Abraham Lincoln, they (see) him as one of the greatest leaders in the history of their country. If Lincoln (not be) liked so much by Americans, they (not visit) the Lincoln Memorial by the thousands every year. Americans (not put) his likeness on their money and their stamps if he (not do) so many important things. If Lincoln (be) born into another family, he (perhaps have) an easier start into life. He (can go) to school longer if more and better schools (exist). Lincoln (not become) a famous and respected lawyer if he (not work) hard throughout his life. As a lawyer, he used to say to people who were seeking his advice: 'I (only defend) you in court if your case (be) really right and just!" If the northern states (not already abolish [nicht bereits abgeschafft]) slavery [Sklaverei], the Civil War (not happen). In addition, the war (can be) avoided if the Southern states (not separate) from the North. When Lincoln's friends (ask) him about ending the war, he (use) to say: 'I (must) accept slavery in the South, if only the nation (can be)
united again!" Lincoln (certainly do) a lot of other good deeds if he (not be) shot in 1865.