A trip to Colonial Williamsburg

Gap-fill exercise

Read the following conversation. Then complete what Mariah reports to her friend Alice after the trip.
Rebecca is with the sisters Kimberley and Mariah. They are getting ready for their trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

KIMBERLEY: What do you have in this bag, Rebecca?
REBECCA: This isn't my bag.

She asked Rebecca in her bag. But Rebecca said that the bag .

KIMBERLEY: It must be Mariah's then. Her bags are always so full of stuff. - Mariah, this bag is huge - it's yours, isn't it?
MARIAH: No, it's Mum and Dad's bag. I've taken it because there isn't enough room for all our stuff in your small bag.

And then of course Kimbers told her that it be . You know, thinks bags are always too full of stuff. When she asked me the bag , I told her that it Mum and Dad's and that I it because there enough room for all our stuff in small bag.

REBECCA: Mariah and Kimbers. Is your brother going to take us to Williamsburg?
KIMBERLEY. Of course. Bill would never miss a chance to see you.

Then Rebecca asked Bill to Williamsburg. And Kimbers said that Bill a chance to see .

REBECCA: Oh no! I've forgotten to take my camera.

Rebecca noticed that she camera.

MARIAH: Bill is here.
BILL: Are you ready, girls? Rebecca you can sit in the front seat.

Then Bill arrived and asked ready. And of course he told Rebecca that in the front seat.