Fill in the correct tenses.

Gap-fill exercise
Put in the conditional and be careful with the tenses!


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Pit and Lea are standing in front of the cinema.

PIT: If you go to see that film, I (not go) with you.
LEA: Why not? If I (know) that, I wouldn't have asked you.
PIT: I'll tell you why. If you (watch) that film, you will cry all the time; it's so sad, and I don't like to see you crying. If I didn't mind seeing you crying, I (go) with you.
LEA: Well, what else can we do then? How about another film? If there (be) another film which was not so sad, you (watch) it with me?
PIT: Of course. But there is none. If they showed another one, I (know) about it.
LEA: It seems to me it (be) better if we had stayed at home.
PIT: Okay, let's go home then. Bye, Lea.
LEA: Bye, Pit. If you want to meet me again, you (have to) have a good idea!