English Test on BASICS - Test 3/4

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. You should first do all exercises first and then checkyour answers. The score you see is the score you would have got in an test situation!

1) Put in suitable prepositions!
the morning I played tennis, the afternoon I read a book but night I was the movies.
I’m afraid ghosts.
You could have helped me least.
I’m allowed to go a concert but I am not interested it.
We are very proud you.
The old car (dt. vor) the building is mine.
What’s the time? - It’s 20 7 (7:20 Uhr).
I go shopping Fridays.
This is my brother the picture.
Let’s get the bus. (einsteigen)
Don’t laugh (sich lustig machen) your brother!
Could you look the kids? (aufpassen) - Yes, a minute. I’m looking my dress. (suchen)
Look me! (anschauen)
Unfortunately, my father is work. (arbeitslos)
My father was very pleased me.

2) Translate the adverbs into English!

3) Put in conditional type I - III!
Mr and Mrs Parker are buying clothes for Mr Parker.

MRS P: What about this pink pullover? You've never had a pink one.
MR P: I don't know. Don't you think everybody (laugh) if I (wear) a pink pullover?
SHOP ASSISTANT: If you (not like) the pink one, I'm sure you (like) this blue one.
MR P: But it's too small.
SHOP A: Well, if this one (be) too small, you (have to) take this yellow one.
MRS P: But he doesn't like yellow. If yellow (be) one of his favourite colours, we (buy) this pullover at once.
SHOP A: Sorry, if you (tell) me before, I (not show) you that yellow pullover.

4) Tenses of the past
J: Where (you, spend) your last summer holidays?
A: After I (spend) three weeks in Scotland, I (stay) in London for a week. I (be) there for ten years.
J: But (not tell) me before you (leave) that you’d stay in London only for two or three days?
A: That’s right. I (originally, book) two days in London, but then, after I (come back) from a sightseeing tour, the people in the hotel (tell) me that I (can) stay longer. And it (be) great there! I (never, see) a town more beautiful than London!