CANADA - Unit (A3, U4)

1) Geography

a) Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories:

b) Test your knowledge here:

c) Go back to the website in 1a!


2) Immigration to Canada

 Go to:

3) Canada quiz

Go to:

EXTRA Journey to Kitigaaryuk

4) Inuit people and life

a) Read first about the name "Inuit".
Then read about the daily life of the Inuit.
Finally, read the part about the religion of the Inuit.

b) Building an igloo:

Extra: Inuit life in Nunavik :
Test yourself:


Websites and YouTube videos that may interest you:

 O Canada [national anthem]:

Molson “The Anthem”:

Molson “The rant”:

Niagara Falls:

Montreal and Quebec City:

Prince Edward Island and Green Gables:

St. Jabob’s:

Mennonites and St. Jacob’s:



Vancouver Aquarium:

Hopewell Rocks:

Behemoth Ride in Canada’s Wonderland (fastest rollercoaster):